Graphic Design for the Inaugural Brisvegan Fest

UPDATE: I’ve started helping the Brisvegan Fest team with the designs for 2017. The first below was my favourite, but they chose the second:

Now, back to 2016…

I worked with Ali in 2016 as he created flyer, poster and banner artwork for Brisvegan Fest 2016. Ali is prompt and highly professional with excellent original, clean and creative designs. I look forward to working with him again on the same event in 2017.

- Sarah Wade, Event Coordinator, BrisVegan Fest.

The first Brisbane Vegan Festival was held in September 2016 in Davies Park, West End. I jumped on board at a late stage to help design some peripherals for the event’s promotion.

I envisioned a very lo-fi homemade look for the festival branding. The poster was used extensively all over Brisbane in the weeks leading up to the event.

Because there was already a lot of brand collateral in the public sphere, i limited the logo revisions to being incremental. The iterations were well accepted and will likely be used in this year’s event. I’ll be suggesting the one in the top right.

I also helped with a promotional poster for the kids entertainment lineup. I didn’t get to spend as much time on this but fortunately it went down well.

I’ve been asked to help again for the second Brisvegan Fest in later 2017, which will give us time to create a much more tightly integrated campaign. Stay tuned.

Last year’s festival was a huge success and it will only be bigger this year. Thanks to Haylee and Sarah of course for having me on board again.

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